We encourage all future clients to please read all terms before booking


Bookings for all services should be made at LEAST 2 weeks in advance to your surgery date. All booking inquiries made outside of this timeframe may be subject to a “late booking fee” for “last minute booking”.


A non-refundable mandatory deposit must be made upon booking to secure your service dates. The deposit is apart of your total package price.
No deposit=No secured service dates. Please only deposit on surgery dates that have been cleared and to be unchanged. Deposits will only be honored for 1 additional date change ONLY if the newly requested date is available and has been communicated in the most advance possible to ensure efficient preparation for last minute change. 
Please keep in mind all deposits and transactions are non-refundable unless any fault is within The Leo’s. All policies must be agreed to via E-Signature before all/any transactions to protect our clients.


The remaining balance of your package price MUST be paid 1 week in advance of your first service day. Upon paying your deposit you are sent an invoice for your payment via email. This invoice will also detail your “due date” for your remaining balance for your own reference. 


If you are quoted a “Travel fee” for out of area/state service, please note that your travel fee is to be paid at the same time as your deposit. The deposit and travel fee are two different fees. The deposit secures your requested service dates and the Travel fee covers all travel expenses for your Post-op companions to make it to you safely! (travel accommodations, stay accommodations and transportation etc..) 

All forms and required info must be completed and sent over as soon as possible. The location of the clients recovery must be provided atleast 1 week prior to service day unless communicated otherwise. Please keep in mind The Leo’s are located South of Miami, Fl. Any location outside of our normal service areas will require a travel fee. 


Please limit your extra company to only 1 companion. Your companion must be in compliance and not interfere with The Leo’s work hours or comfort. We try our best to create a “family like” environment for all clients and companions. If this is in any way disrespected- it can result in service cancellation. You are responsible for your Extra companion. If any issues are to occur with your personal company further service can and will be denied/cancelled. 

The Leo’s are NOT responsible for client’s stay or travel arrangements. The Leo’s are also in no way responsible for any personal belongings of the clients or additional companions. Please prepare for your recovery travels responsibly.


Proof of negative COVID test results are recommended from you and your companions.