Travel Fees

The Leos extend all care services to out of state clients. We are located in Miami, Fl but travel to any state in the U.S

When booking our services outside of Miami, FL please follow the normal booking guidelines and instructions. Please be sure to include as many details as possible when contacting us as well as the full city and state you are requesting service in. A travel fee will be quoted upon booking.

Our travel fee is an additional fee. This fee covers and insures proper travel accommodations for your caregivers such as flights, stay arrangements and necessary transportation for the duration of service days.

Upon securing your date, Your travel fee should be paid at the same time as your deposit. Failure to submit your travel fee when due may result in a higher price for your travel quote, as flights and stay accommodation rates vary with time or an unfortunate denial of travel service.

To inquire about your travel fee before booking, Please submit a booking inquiry form for the package of your choice and The Leos will contact you directly to discuss additional details.